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What Are The Best Teas For Your Health

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High Quality Organic Teas

You consider yourself to be a conscious consumer. You read every nutrition label to make sure that you’re getting the highest quality of organic food and health supplements possible. It comes as no surprise that you are equally as diligent about your tea choices.

You’re looking for a tea that has robust, full, and natural flavors that are both soothing and enriching to your health. What if we told you that finding those teas that offer all of the flavors, quality, and benefits is not as difficult as it sounds?

Dual Spices Offers Multiple Teas

Here at Dual Spices, tea lovers can look forward finding multiple types of herbs and natural remedies, as well as organic tea. Here is a list of organic tea that we carry that is not only high quality, but offers multiple health benefits as well.

Red Rooibos 

You might have noticed that we mention organic Rooibos tea a lot. But if you missed our previous blogs about this amazing tea, then it’s important that you understand the health and wellness capabilities this delicious tea has to offer. It offers immunity boosting benefits, as well as defense against cancer and other diseases, and it even slows the aging process all together.

Yerba Mate

Pronounced yerba mah-tay, this super tea also offers a bounty of health benefits. Organic Yerba Mate is full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and it is said to boost brain function. Another benefit of Yerba Mate extract is that it is known to provide a strong and sustained energy boost without the jitters or crash that you get from coffee.

Neem Powder

Organic Neem Powder is a great natural alternative to other beauty products that are said to improve the appearance of your hair and skin. Neem Powder can strengthen your hair and increase the shininess, as well as fight and prevent acne. It’s also great for oral health and can be crushed into a paste rather than a tea.

Organic Teas Are a Great Natural Remedy 

While these are just some of the organic teas that you can improve specific aspects of your health with, they are all worthy of making this list. From preventing stomach cramps with Rooibos to helping reduce the symptoms of acne, these organic teas are definitely worth stocking up on. If you’re looking to improve your heart health, then Rooibos tea is for you. If you suffer from eczema or acne we certainly recommend Neem Powder. If a sustained energy boost without the crazy jitters that coffee gives you sounds appealing, then don’t hesitate to shop our organic teas and powders. All orders of over $50 dollars ship free; shop today and improve your wellness now!